Mingling with the models at the GILES S/S 15 show

EDIE: “Doing a GILES show is always fun and today I get to wear my dream outfit. A pink suit with disco buttons. It’s like Nile Rodgers crossed with Dick Van Dyke. Nile Rodgers goes to the seaside! I’m going to do my thing on the catwalk but the suit says enough so I don’t know how much more I need to give it.”

KAT: “I walked for GILES my first season in 2010 and haven’t been back to London since so it’s great to be walking for him again today. I’m feeling fresh. The collection is cool and colourful; it’s got energy and personality, which is rare in fashion these days. I’m wearing this crazy Willy Wonka candy cane outfit. I feel like I could sell anything to anyone in this look.”

BINX: “I love working with Katie Grand and GILES. The clothes are always incredible and the music is always upbeat, it’s a great vibe. I’m wearing a corset dress with embroidered fabrics but the look I want to steal is this 3D snake jacket. It’s the sickest thing GILES has ever made. I’d wear a hoody with it, it’s really nice.”

MADISON: “I’m wearing a cool sixties shift dress – it reminds me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. It’s got lots of bright colours and sequins but is also something you could wear every day if you had the confidence to carry it off. The best bit so far? Well, as the show hasn’t happened yet, I’d have to say my pretty funky nails.”

MALAIKA: “This is my second season so I’m feeling more familiar now. Last time I was quite shy but now I know people and it’s easier. Working with GILES is cool because he’s very calm and the fittings are easy. I’m wearing a blue and black patterned princess coat with these cute Grenson shoes.”

STELLA: “I’m from Austria and this is my first season. I’m a bit nervous but it’s okay. I’m wearing a long white dress with puffed sleeves. It makes me feel very elegant. I’m going to walk in a strong, independent and comfortable way.”

TAMMY: “I’m from Jamaica and just turned 16. This is my third show in London after Erdem and Marios Schwab. GILES is such a big show. I’m very excited to be here. I’m wearing a long white dress that reminds me of an angel.”

NATALIE: “I’m wearing look 49, a cropped top and long full skirt. It’s really fancy. When I walked in it in the fitting I felt so grand. And I also get to wear comfortable shoes, which is amazing!”

IRINA: “GILES is really interesting to work with – he’s good fun so I’m looking forward to the show. I’m so pleased my hair and make up is done – normally I’m in the chair for two hours but they were super-speedy today!”

Words: Helen Jennings & Catriona Taylor

Photography Uzo Ole